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To reserve your spot, you must pay for the lesson and schedule your time through the scheduler below. If you need to cancel, please make sure to provide a minimum 48-hour notice to give me a chance to fill the spot from the waiting list. If you cancel before 48 hours of your appointment time, you can reschedule for a lesson at another time. Lessons are conducted on Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or by phone. These lessons are not offered in person. If you would like to schedule an in-person class, please contact Kimberly privately via email.

Please Note: All appointments are scheduled for Eastern Standard Time (EST). Please check your time zone difference when scheduling.

In Person or Virtual?

It doesn’t matter your starting point or where we do your sessions, as long as you start and put in a consistent effort. Do you live local and are not that tech-savvy? Then stop in at my home base when I’m around and see me privately face to face. Perhaps you prefer the comfort of your own home, live in a continent far away, or have some tech-savvy skills? Then you’re in luck because I love doing virtual one-on-one sessions through the internet just as much as seeing clients in person.

Are you ready to let go of struggling and find flow in your life?

In-person is for you if you:

  • Want to build confidence
  • Work at your own pace
  • Prefer personalized adjustments
  • Need a mood booster from seeing someone and sharing energy through the benefits of community
  • Struggle with the distractions of home practice
  • Want individualized attention to play a bigger game in your health
  • Are looking for support because you’ve tried on your own and haven’t been able to reach your goals
  • Are willing to try new things for personal growth
  • Want a personal strategy and skills to support your commitment to reach your health goals
  • Feel inspired by the challenge and take full responsibility
  • Realize you are looking for guidance for an internal solution and not a quick fix external solution

Virtual is for you if you:

  • Want to work conveniently from home or while you travel
  • Seek a socially distanced and health safe practice
  • Prefer a non-intimidating private setting
  • Want personalized attention
  • Have internet access
  • Need to accommodate a busy schedule
  • Are a digital native and prefer technology
  • Found the best guide for you, which may not be the closest person
  • Feel safe and secure at home to sweat and flow
  • Have long days at work and want to spend time in your home

I also offer a hybrid approach in which we do face-to-face in the early stages of building your practice and then shift to virtual for maintenance. Whatever is your preference, let’s work together and find what feels best and meets your needs!

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