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Personal Motivations

My motivation for applying to the Masters of Yoga Therapy Program at MUIH is that I am fascinated with how the body works and the process in which people grow. In addition, I was looking for a program that would challenge my thinking and approach to guiding others toward personal healing.

A horseback riding accident led me to this place in my personal story. I discovered yoga to heal myself and to explore movement in a pain-free way. My need to find a holistic way to parent myself led me to this place within my family history.

The personal needs that I am meeting in this yoga therapy program are enlightenment, learning more about myself, and to fulfill my “love of learning.” I show up without judgment, expectation, and competition, and (like a sponge) I absorb the knowledge that helps me heal first to guide others to heal.

The top ten values influential in my life are adventurousness, balance, community, creativity, fun, empathy, love, loyalty, growth, and health. The values that may enhance my role as a yoga therapist would be balance, community, creativity, empathy, and health. My values that may be potential red flags in the treatment room are all of them. If my boundaries are porous or too rigid, it harms me and those around me. When I make decisions to align my actions with my values and follow my profession’s ethical code, I am healthier, those around me are not harmed, and I am enforcing healthy boundaries that allow me to be more compassionate.

I do not believe that my values or motives are inconsistent with high standards of ethics and professional values as discussed in class, outlined in the IAYT code of ethics and grounds for professional discipline, or described in the yamas and niyamas. Instead, I believe that they should be read often and explored as “check-ins” because they are challenged daily.

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