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Meant To Be – Be Satisfied with YOU

Depending on your relationship status with yourself, it might have been a great weekend, or it may have been the loneliest, most depressing couple of weeks that you will experience all year.

“When we stop asking, ‘Why Am I alone?’ And start asking, ‘Why am I here?’ Our whole world will change – for good.” – Michelle Hammond

But there is always chocolate, alcohol, TV, and so on, right! For the Christmas season, $409 million was spent on chocolate alone. For Halloween, People purchased 90 million pounds of chocolate, and for the upcoming Valentine’s holiday, People will sell 58 million pounds of chocolate. On average, $220 billion is spent on alcohol in the United States annually. The average American adult watches 33 hours of TV per week, which means that you spent 1716 hours in front of the TV last year. One of my favorite mass chocolate companies is Dove Chocolate. I enjoy reading the messages inside each wrapper. Dove includes these notes as a reminder to us to love and care for ourselves. The cool thing about these words is that they focus on the individual and encourage the person at the moment. No matter where you are in life with your relationships with yourself or others, if you allow yourself one piece of Dove Chocolate after one meal, you can be encouraged by the wrapper. No, I do not have a stockpile of Dove Chocolate at the studio, but most of us do love chocolate, and it can be used as a reminder to love ourselves and to care for ourselves.

How often do you take your relationship with yourself and your health for granted? How often do you focus on the negatives about your body, mind, and relationships? Allow a simple piece of Dove Chocolate to remind us that a kind of blessing comes from being connected relationally with ourselves. 

I hope that you can lean into the therapeutic movement this year and experience soul care. Do not allow another year to go by where you feel the crushing feelings of loneliness, weight gain, and depression. Instead, we hope that you lean in and feel the blessings and life purpose “Dharma” that is a side effect of spending 15% (260 hours/ year or 6.5 work weeks) of TV time (this still leaves you 1500 hours or 29 hours a week for TV- although I recommend 10 hours of TV per week-ishh we won’t tell if you don’t). What about you? How has your journey with your self-care and self-love been going for you? What triggers cause you to feel: Sadness, Anger, Anxiousness, and Desperation in relationship to your self-care? 

This year, I am struck by the word “RENEW” to resume activity after an interruption, re-establish a relationship, or repeat a statement. How many of us make mistakes and acts of error and judge ourselves harshly and punish ourselves through a lack of self-care and self-love? If you are doing this, you are also doing this to others. If you are judging others for doing this, they mirror you that you also do this to yourself. It is okay to have a misstep and lapse as you can count on life throwing you some curves. The goal is not to have a relapse. If you do not love, yourself then others cannot love you. I am not talking about selfish behavior; I am referring to your well-being and happiness and that you work on yourself first so that others have the opportunity to connect with you in a productive and meaningful way. We are wired for love. Mantra or affirmation and chanting is a great way to start this relationship with yourself anew.

“Just as Mother Nature teaches me about the flow of seasons and that transformation is a natural part of life. I use these seasons to observe whether I am in harmony with these rhythms or if I need to establish new boundaries. When I am in flow through life naturally, and effortlessly I am in a valley of change where I have renewed freedom within my spirit and with others.” – Kim Searl. 

We are currently in winter, and this is the season for reflection, hibernation, and planning. Spring is the season for learning, opportunity, and progressive thinking. Summer is a season for rewards, celebration, and fulfillment. Autumn is a season for survival, mistakes, and problems. Understanding the life cycles flow as they are short phrases and transformation is unavoidable, inevitable, and yet very manageable and guides your personal growth, self-love, and self-care. 

Here is a mantra to get you started. I will write in Sanskrit and English. Pick the language that works best for your belief system.

Atma Hrdaye:

Atma Hrdaye

Hrdayam Mayi

Aham Amrte 

Amrtam Anadam Brahmani 

My true nature is the heart. The heart is my true nature. I am the bliss of the soul. The heart I am in the everlasting bliss of oneness. 

This mantra comes from Rose Kress. It is a chant that comes to the heart from the heart. Consider chanting this daily for 3 minutes or 108 rounds for 40 days and see if something in your spirit changes. Dr. John Douillard once said, “The heart’s true nature is to love for no reason at all.” We are familiar with the physical heart, which pumps blood to the whole of our body, organs, and brain. The heart maintains our physical life, and at the same time, we refer to our heart as the residence of our emotions, both negative and positive. This is our emotional heart. I guess you could say we have three hearts: anatomical heart, emotional heart, and our innermost heart (hrdaya) or spiritual heart. The heart never changes. It doesn’t have good days, and bad days our previous experiences do not condition it. Our body is our temple, and our innermost heart is the shrine within that time where the light of our consciousness dwells. This light of consciousness is where we manifest love that is our divine nature. Opening our hearts means to dis-armor ourselves, to uncover our hearts. Any suffering we experience is the separation from the love that exists in our heart-of-hearts. Integrative Sustainable Movement is Meant to BE in your life to inspire you to Be Satisfied with YOU!

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