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Kimberly Searl integrative sustainable movement

What is integrative sustainable movement?

Integrative Sustainable Movement (ISM) is the practice of combining traditional and complementary therapies to effect change in the body, mind, and soul.

My goal is to offer a successful ISM program that integrates allopathic medicine and mind-body-spirit modalities, with the ultimate goal of helping patients adapt to traditional medical treatments.

ISM provides these services for both adults and teens, providing an atmosphere that aids the body with relaxation techniques and health-conscious alternatives.

Services for All Ages and Abilities

I offer a wide range of services with a single goal in mind: to get your health and wellness back on track.

Kimberly Searl integrative sustainable movement yoga therapy
Kimberly Searl integrative sustainable movement yoga therapy
Kimberly Searl integrative sustainable movement yoga therapy
Kimberly Searl integrative sustainable movement yoga therapy

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Kimberly Searl integrative sustainable movement yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy

Move towards healing through postures, breathwork, and meditation techniques.

Kimberly Searl integrative sustainable movement mentorship


Thrive in your business with personalized mentorship.

integrative sustainable movement courses


Join my online community (sangha) and start learning today.

yoga therapy clinical healthcare referral

Clinical Healthcare Referral

Bring yoga therapy into your healthcare organization or business.

Blissful thai energy integrative sustainable movement

Blissful Thai Energy

Tap into your energetic body and start a journey through healing from within.

kimberly searl pilates

Classical Pilates

Engage in mind-body fitness to improve your health.

Meet Kimberly

I am an Actionista! I am an action-taking maven that is hardworking and willing to go the extra mile. My special sauce is my gritty ability to do what it takes to get you to your next level of healing.

Teaching therapeutic movement through the modalities of Yoga Therapy, Classical Pilates, and Blissful Thai Energy is my passion. I believe in heart and soul healing and the power of therapeutic movement as an act of self-care and self-love.

I believe there is value in getting quiet enough to hear your inner wisdom while slowing down and tending to your body’s needs with care. I guide you to nourish the inner landscape of your heart and soul through the tools of meditation, breathing, postures, chants, journaling, and more.

Kimberly Searl integrative sustainable movement
My mission

Inspiring and nurturing the human soul through therapeutic movement

I create an environment for people to feel good about themselves, both physically and mentally, so that they can harness natural means to strengthen and heal their bodies from injury or illness.

I get to know clients one-on-one and create a safe environment for them to grow that is free from judgment or competition. Through my holistic care method, I provide a slow and gradual path to help people honor who they are, build self-efficacy, and enable them to manage their own self-care through the use of integrative sustainable movement techniques.

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Yoga therapy is the use of postures, breathwork, meditation, and more to address your health and healing journey.

Find greater peace of mind and stillness of body through mindfulness and meditation.

Discover the healing power of bodywork therapy based upon yoga, Ayurveda, and Thai Yoga Massage.

Improve your health and wellness with general tips and tricks to get you started.

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Chronic pelvic pain syndrome yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy for Chronic pelvic Pain

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